The Little Workers’ mission in India opened in August 6th 1989 in Saint Sebastian’s church Panayampala, in the Archdiocese of Changanassery, attending to needy families and parish assistance..
In 1999 we opened a public school that covers kindergarten to junior college in Kattachira, Kottayam and we opened another school in Kodupunna, Alapuzha. Now we have six houses in India. Many Indian Little Workers are sent to Rome and the United States to pursue degrees in Sacred Theology and Education. At present Sr. Rose Antony is the Mother Superior of Little Workers Sacred Hearts at St.Sebastians church Panayamapala
United as a religious family through their special devotion to the Sacred Hearts and by their profession of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience, the Sisters, Little Workers, live, pray and work together. Their life of communion, grounded in the contemplation and imitation of Jesus and Mary, is the source and support of all they do.
The Little Workers’ principal ministry embraces a wide range of catechetical activity in parishes, such as directing religious education programs, teaching religious education, and educating catechists to form others in the Faith.
The Sisters, Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts, operate the Child Care Centre’s as an integral part of a Catholic education program and also as a service to the general community, regardless of race, sex or creed.
The sisters serve as director, head teacher and teachers. They have each completed all the requirements prescribed for Early Childhood Education and have many years of teaching experience in this particular field, both here and abroad.
The Little Workers, however, consider themselves catechists in all that they do for the people of God. They therefore, are involved in various charitable works determined by the needs of the people and place in which they are stationed. Some sisters care for the sick and elderly by working as nurses and doctors in hospitals and in the nursing homes, and by caring for shut-ins. Other sisters are dedicated to youth ministry, working to meet the spiritual needs of young women and men through youth group activities, retreats, and individual spiritual direction. Many sisters are involved in early childhood, middle and high school education, seeking to lead children and young people to God as they strive to prepare them academically.
History of Congregation
Venerable Msgr. Francesco Maria Greco (1857-1931) served as a priest from a town in Southern Italy called Acri. Living and working there in the late 1800s, Fr. Francesco realized that religious ignorance was the greatest problem his parishioners and people of the towns faced : for the less they knew about God, the further from Him they remained. Together with his sister, Maria Teresa he began a catechetical program to teach children, young people and adults about the Catholic faith. The most dedicated catechist was Raffaella De Vincenti, who later became the faithful collaborator of Msgr. F. M. Greco, in the Institute’s foundation, on 21 November 1894, through her profession of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, through which she received her religious name of Sister Maria Teresa of the Sacred Hearts. Sister Maria Teresa (1872-1936) is the first Little Worker of the Sacred Hearts. Others soon followed her as young women from Acri and nearby towns heard of the catechetical work to which she and Fr. Francesco had devoted all their energies. The Institute, “… founded out of a spirit of charity, namely the love of God”, has as “its principal purpose catechetical instruction in parishes.” Through its apostolic works, this Institute, gives witness to the charity of the Sacred Hearts directed in a special way to children and young people who are in need of human and Christian formation. On 7 July 1940, Pope Pius XII granted pontifical approval to the Sisters, Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts.
Over the past 120 years, The Sisters, Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts have opened convents across Italy and have established missionary houses and novitiate houses in USA, Argentina, Albania and India. The congregation now numbers more than 550 Sisters

Rev. Sr. Rose (Superior)
Rev. Sr. Geena (Mother)
Rev. Sr. Dhanya
Rev. Sr. Gigi
Rev. Sr. Roja
Rev. Sr. Libina
Rev. Sr. Jomisha
Rev. Sr. Biya