Kerala Labour Movement is initiated by Labour Commission of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) in the context of the publication of “Rarum Novarum” of Pope Leo XIII in 1891 and the subsequent documents of the Church’s Holy magisterium depicting the Catholic Church’s vision and teachings on the Labour and laborers in the world. The Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council established Labour Commission in the year 1979. Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is a civil society organization registered under the Kerala Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955 to operationalize its strategies for the effective organization of the informal workers of Kerala. Now Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) works under the umbrella of Labour Commission of Catholic Bishops Council of Kerala as an effective NGO who caters the developmental needs of the unorganized laborers of the Kerala State. KLM has a central level committee representing the different diocesan KLMs and functions in the dioceses through parish or village level committees, forum of laborers and the self help groups.
       KLM members at St.Sebastians church Panayamapala works for the betterment of the spiritual, cultural, economic and social developments of the organized and unorganized labourers and of their families.
       Objectives of KLM include to enable the labourers witness Christ in their fields of work upholding the Christian ideology and Magisterium, make the labourers Christ bearers by way of spiritual renewal thus to bring the co-workers to Christ, enable the labourers to be a moral force to restore social justice wherever justice stands curtailed, build up effective and knowledgeable labourers to give leadership in the society and in their labour fields, encourage art and cultural programmes to develop the cultural sphere of the labourers, publish leaflets and books to promote the objectives of the organization, trusts and charitable societies to promote welfare schemes like housing, marriage assistance, assistance for health hazards, etc, assist and give guidance to start small scale entrepreneurship programmes as remedy to unemployment, work for the betterment and development of labourers and to obtain help and co-operation from Government, Quasi Government, Local Self Government Institutions, Financial Institution and NGOs and to organize and promote Insurance and Welfare Schemes for the social and economical security of labourers


President : Joseph Ninan Moozhickal
Secretary : Lijo Joseph Kallupurackal
President : Joseph John Kattukunnel
Secretary : Thomas Job Chuzhanayil